Monday, July 6, 2009

Road Trip Memories - LSU/New Orleans 2008

As the summer days drag on, I am finding myself spending lots of time day dreaming about how awesome the start of a new football season will be. The only other things I can think about are the memories I have from each game last year.

The 2008 season was the first time I have ever attended every game (home, away, and the bowl game). It is no small feat generally, but with a trip to Arizona and back to back games at LSU and Jacksonville, it was a deep commitment.

The first memory I'll share is from when our good friend C-matt and I stayed in New Orleans after the LSU game in Baton Rouge. C-matt and I did not return to Atlanta after the LSU game. Instead, we stayed in New Orleans for two more days before driving straight to Florida for the Georgia-Florida game.

On the Sunday night following the victory in Baton Rouge (and after everyone else in our crew had left for Atlanta), C-matt and I were downing hurricanes from Pat O'Briens while watch some great jazz music next door at Preservation Hall.

Towards the end of the final of the three performances that night, an older gentleman (approx 65-70), began talking to C-matt and I while the band was taking a break between songs. Seeing our Georgia polos, he began telling us that he lives in Florida, but is from New Orleans and is an LSU grad.

After discussing the previous day's game, he pointed over to his son sitting just outside the room where the music was being played. He began to tell us how his son was a Florida alum, and was absolutely "A TYPICAL GATOR!" By "A TYPICAL GATOR," he meant his son was an overly arrogant Florida alum and Orlando resident who couldn't give a shit less that he was at a historic venue listening to what many consider the best jazz performances in New Orleans.

"He's just A TYPICAL GATOR! He couldn't care less!," the old man continued to say, "And my daughter, she went to Florida State! She has two degrees, and may by smarter than me, but SHE'S WORTHLESS! Florida State, aw SHE'S WORTHLESS!"

At this point in time, this old gentleman became my hero.

Eventually, his son came over and began talking to us. "I just bring my dad here to appease him everytime we're back in New Orleans. Old man is crazy in his age, ya know?"

"Uh, yeah, whatever," I replied as I was amazed at the arrogant douchebaggery of this Gator grad. It is even more amazing that I was amazed at his arrogant douchebaggery. I mean, he was a gator.

After a few minutes, the son went back outside where he sat down and typed on his blackberry and continued his many ways of douchebaggery.

"TYPICAL GATOR! Look at him! Sitting there and couldn't give a shit where he is! A TYPICAL GATOR."

After meeting the son, we toasted the old gentleman and agreed with him that his son was "A TYPICAL GATOR", and we thanked him for coining the "TYPICAL GATOR" phrase.

That old LSU fan was dead on about Florida fans and their typical attitude of not caring about anything that doesn't relate to themselves or Gator University.

Eventually the show ended, the old man left, and the rest of the night became a blur (it was New Orleans).

But, C-matt and I will always remember running into the old LSU grad at Preservation Hall, and his "TYPICAL GATOR" son.


Ty Durden said...

I too shared in the revelry of New Orleans and Baton Rouge (at the behest and hospitality of some dear LSU friends). From this dawg's vantage point, I'd much rather rot in my own self-indulgence and utter awe on the streets of Bourbon and Canal than anywhere else in the CFB nation. God what I wouldn't give to rotate AUburn out and play LSU every year. Challenging? Of course, but taking into account all (and by all I mean food, booze, women, music, good times, and football) that the great state of Louisiana has to offer, it'd be worth every damn future loss, hangover, and dime i'd spend on the place.

Turtle said...