Thursday, June 4, 2009

Think Gordo Can Afford That Beer Now

Welcome to the bigs Gordon, that was quick. This reminds me of a great story from the trip to Tempe, Arizona last fall when some of the BNE crew ran into Beckham at Fat Tuesday's in the Mill Avenue district (yes, Fat Tuesday's still had beer, just not on tap). To show their appreciation of the Diamond Dawgs run last summer, many Georgia fans were offering to buy Beckham a drink...And then one astute Georgia fan yelled out "wait, shouldn't you be buying everyone else drinks with that signing bonus..."

Beckham claimed that he hadn't seen the check from the White Sox yet...

Think he can afford it now?

Congrats on realizing a dream Gordon. Do the Bulldawg Nation proud in Chicago. We look forward to following your progress on your White Sox blog.


Streit said...

Beckham has torn it up in the minors over the last year. Reading some White Sox blogs, the fans are really stoked (some are calling him the Savior of the team...I wouldn't go that far, he's only 22). Congrats to Gordon and good luck!

Earl said...

Hitting something like .468 in 7 games at AAA Charlotte. Twenty three doubles in AA and AAA.

First position player to be called up in c/o 2008.

Fastest White Sox call up since 1990 draft.