Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bowling with the Atlanta Falcons

Tonight, I had the pleasure of attending a charity bowling event put on by United Health Care and the Atlanta Falcons Rookie Club. The event, dubbed FootBowl, pitted teams of 5 paired with one Atlanta Falcons rookie. While there are no former Georgia players who are rookies with the Falcons this season, I knew there were a few guys from the SEC. When we arrived, I found out we were paired up with former Auburn long snapper Robert Shiver. Also sharing the lane with use was former Alabama quarterback, John Parker Wilson.

Robert Shiver played in 38 games during his career at Auburn. He is competing for the starting snapper job with the Falcons.

Robert Shiver, originally from Thomasville, GA, is looking to catch on with the Falcons as the long snapper. He said his entire family is Georgia fans and he said it really sucked being on the losing end of the Blackout game in 2007. I asked him what the major differences he has noticed between football in the SEC and in the NFL. He said the biggest thing is the complexity of the game, not just in how plays are called but how a minor mistake in execution can cause a major problem. We talked some about Tubberville being fired at Auburn, and he agreed that it was not a good move. Chizik was an assist with Auburn his freshman year, and he said he was not sure if he is the right man for the job. Only time will tell.

While I talked openly about the 2007 blackout with Shiver, I did not bring the game up with JPW.

John Parker Wilson, with his Alabama bangs, was another great guy to talk to. We talked a bit about playing in the SEC and I asked how it was having Nick Saban as a coach. He said off the field, he is a great guy and fun to be around. But on the field, he said is super intense and not really that much fun to be around. I also talked to him about his brother, Ross, who appeared on the MTV Show "Two-A-Days". He said that if it would have been him being filmed, he probably would have gotten into trouble and never have gotten into college. He said it sucked for his brother and he really didn't want to do the second season but kind of had to because he was the only returning guy and the quarterback.

L to R: Robert Shiver, Melissa(my wife), Me, John Parker Wilson

Overall, it was a great night of bowling and talking football. Robert Shiver and John Parker Wilson were both great guys to talk to and helped make this event a lot of fun. I wish them the best as they attempt to make the Atlanta Falcons for the 2009 season.


Anonymous said...

How did you swing an invite? Sounds like it was a pretty fun time! Good and balanced post.

Streit said...

My wife works for an insurance brokerage and one of our friends was one of the organizers.

MT said...

Good post Streit.

The fact that Shiver was pretty supportive of Tuberville reflects that it was the boosters, not the players or regular fans who felt they needed a change.

Auburn had lost momentum since Saban came along, but that's more of a recruiting thing. Tubs can coach

AUMaverick said...

I second MT and am glad to hear the players who are able speak out in support of their coach.