Monday, November 3, 2008

Week 10: At a Loss for Words

Week 10 of the college football season has passed. Here are my thoughts.

Florida 49, Georgia 10
- Is that score correct? Everything that could have gone wrong on Saturday did. We lost, plain and simple. Hats off to Florida, they are a good football team.
- We should have known Georgia was in trouble when Penn Wagers was assigned as the head ref for the game. There were four clear mistakes by the refs that made a difference in this game:

1. The failure to overturn the spot of the challenge. It was clear on the replay Tebow's knee was on the ground before he got the first.
2. Hands to the face on the interception. Both players had their hands up the other's face. Game changing call.
3. The no call on Stafford's first interception. Don't get me wrong, Stafford threw a bad pass but AJ Green was grabbed and the pass interference should have been called.
4. The no call against Louis Murphy on the 44 yard touchdown pass. Asher Allen is a great corner and there is no reason Murphy should have been that wide open. The replay clearly showed Murphy pull Allen out of the way. This play put the game out of reach.

- Once again, we moved the ball but failed to put points on the board. Walsh has done a great job this year, but missing a 27 yard kick is unacceptable. And once again, the play calling in the red zone was questionable at best.

- Hats off to Matthew Stafford for trying to play through the pain. The young offensive line had a bad day and Florida was constantly putting pressure on Stafford. We completely abandoned the rush after Knowshon's fumble and the other interceptions were a result of Stafford trying to make something happen.

Georgia Tech Upsets Florida State
- While the Dawgs can't seem to catch a break this season, the North Avenue Trade School keeps getting them. With under a minute left, the Seminoles fumbled into the end zone and Tech recovered. The Jackets are now in control in the ACC and have a very real chance of playing for the conference championship.

Texas Tech shocks Texas
- Mike Leach and his crazy offense may not be so crazy after all. The Red Raiders scored on a touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree with 1 second on the clock and shocked the Longhorns. The Red Raiders move on to face a tough Oklahoma State team next week. Two crazy coaches, two crazy offenses, and one shot at the Big XII title are at stake.

- The Crimson Tide is your new #1 team. If both Bama and Florida remain undefeated, there is a very real chance the winner of the SEC Championship will be headed back to the National Championship game.

My Final Thought
- This weekend was bad. Next weekend, Georgia heads to Lexington to meet Kentucky (who squeaked by Miss. State by 1 on Saturday). Dawgs, it is time to get back to winning before the trip to the Plains on the 15th.


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