Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yeah, we lost. Bad. Real bad. Yeah Bama, you beat the hell out of us. I can't really defend our performance because the first half was unimaginably awful. My brain did melt at your supposed greatness, and the Heisman will in fact be re-named the J&J trophy after last night's clobbering.

However, as expected, Bama fans waited until about just before halftime to start claiming things they did not yet have.

Let me bring your ego in check: You are a good, even a great football team. You deserve you're new high ranking in the polls.

However, despite your believed birthrights and statements from some that I heard after last night (although the Bama fans around us at the game were great), you have not won the SEC and the national championship yet. You are certainly in the hunt and as of this week you're at top of the contenders for those titles. But, you haven't even played LSU or the rest of your schedule for that matter.

So, congrats on your win, you earned it, you deserve it. But, you might want to hold off on your claims to winning it all before you actually do it (take a lesson from USC).

As for my fellow Dawgs, do not be too disparaged. All is still even in the SEC east with both Floriduh and the Volz losing. Hopes to make it to the SEC Championship are still alive and well, and that's always the main goal of our program.


Anonymous said...

Some people just don't know when to shut up. Bullpus, you're one of them....

Anonymous said...

From BulldawgJs masterpiece "UnBEARable".

"By the time they reach the Classic City, it'll be the beginning of AROUND THE BOWL, DOWN THE HOLE, ROLL TIDE ROLL!"

And what a Fantasic way to send Larry into retirement:

"You're the man, Larry. You're the man. This season is for you and our victory over Bama will be in your honor."

Anonymous said...

At least his "Rammer Jammer Yellow Bananer" post got it right, for the most part.

"My fellow dawgs, we are doomed this weekend as we will truly learn what greatness is at the hands of the big crimson elephants." --you said it.

"Bama fans have said that they are going to “expose” UGA because we’re frauds and we’re overrated." --Yep.

"Their offense will score 78 touchdowns against our worthless defense." --Actually it was 4 TDs & a FG in the first half alone. 5 total TDs, but close enough man.

"JPW will pass to Juh-Jones" --You forgot to add "For a TD."

"Terrence Cody will show that he is the greatest defensive player of all time." --Moreno's 38 yards prove are you so this dead on? You must have a crystal bulldog ball or something.

"we should all quit before our minds melt at the greatness we will witness this Saturday." --How was it? When did you finally leave the stadium in frustration?

I was a little disappointed that your post didn't have any predictions on Stafford, Moreno or AJ Green. I mean, AJs fumble in the first half just screams best freshman in the nation. But hey Knowshon's mowhawk was cool and he dances real well before a kickoff. And the stadium was rocking! Well, at least before JPW starting throwing to Juh-Jones.

And did you even wear your black socks for the blackou...ahem, blowout?

BulldawgJosh said...

Thanks for your obsession with my fantastically amazing writing. I'm amazed as a Bama fan that you can even read.

Is this poot? Because poot is the only anonymous rammer jammer I can really acknowledge.