Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nerds Beating on Cocks

Those pesky cocks over in Columbia aren't the only ones competing tonight. But, you won't see this battle royale on television, my friend.

The North Avenue Trade School has outdone themselves, again. Not only are they playing a Thursday night game, but they're doing it against a Division 1-AA school (that is correct, by the way). Nerd Central will be facing off against the mighty Gamecocks of Jacksonville State University (located in that wasteland west of the State of Georgia).

That's not all folks. Mr. Goodwill Ambassador himself, Ryan Perrilloux, is the current quarteback for the JSU Cocks.

How someone is not broadcasting this game, I cannot understand! I can only imagine the Nerds running aimlessly around the field having failed to understand Coach Jo's wishbone offense, while Perrilloux attempts to destroy what's left of their dignity.

This will be amazing! I want to go watch it live for the pure enjoyment of a potential opening loss for the Trade School, and then laugh at endzone Nerds in yellow wigs.

I have a hunch Perrilloux isn't going to be enough to make my dreams come true. Alas, this will only be the first, of perhaps thousands, of potential embarassing opportunities this season for the Nerds on North Avenue.

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