Friday, August 8, 2008

Georgia’s 2008 Schedule as Recent Movies

I thought it might be fun to compare Georgia's 2008 schedule to some recent Hollywood movies. Here's what I came up with:

Georgia Southern – “Step Brothers”
- Two teams living under one roof, but clearly not from the same bloodlines.

Central Michigan – “The Strangers”
- A unknown visitor comes to town with the threat of ruining a perfect day in Athens .
South Carolina – “Cloverfield”
- See what happens when a pissed off monster invades a city ( Columbia ).

Arizona State – “What Happens in Vegas”
- So many Georgia fans are making the trip with a detour to Vegas, I have a feeling this will be overheard a lot on that Saturday night in Tempe .

Alabama – “300”
- A power hungry leader leads his army into battle riding on the back of a large elephant, only to be beaten back by the best army in the world.

Tennessee – “The Simpsons Movie”

- DONUTS, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Vanderbilt – “21”

- Smart kids come up with a plan to defeat the house, but end up getting taken down hard

LSU – “The Dark Knight”

- Our hero, dressed in black, faces a mighty challenge from a group lead by a certifiable mad man (Les Miles, aka the Joker).

Florida – “There will be Blood”

- Two opposing forces, each seeing each other in the way of obtaining their ultimate goal.

Kentucky – “Hancock”
- A prime example of a between game where our hero starts out drunk and making mistakes but realizes the err in its way in time to save the day.

Auburn – “Transformers”
- Two seemingly equal forces battle for high stakes.

Georgia Tech – “I am Legend”
- A team trying to supplant its place in history by defeating a mutating foe (in other words, the new Paul Johnson offense).

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George said...

Nice movie comparisions. Enjoyed the blog.